Monday, July 29, 2013

Roll and Read

Engaging practice of sight words
If you have yet to see my post about my Rainbow Sight Words, please click here because THIS post is completely related! Okay! I have created a simple way to encourage students to be motivated to WANT to practice their sight words. It's time to get these kids playing Roll and Read!!! In this game.... side note, but don't you LOVE how if we call it a "game" our students perk (yes, coffee pun there!) right up! Okay, back on track... sorry!

As for the new GAME, the students will roll a die and read the words in that designated row. The pages are sorted by the colors of the sight words in my Rainbow Words. Each page contains the same 15 words organized in various ways so the students will read all 15 words regardless of the number they roll on the dice. This is an engaging way to keep the students accountable for which sight words they are working on while also making for a great (and EASY) center activity that can be used ALL YEAR. It can easily be used as a partner activity, as well, having the students read to each other. And finally, if you need a quick activity for your unexpected (or your oops-i-knew-you-were-coming-but-forgot-to-prep-something-for-you) parent volunteer, just grab these and a single die and they are ready to engage with the students.

Mount on colored construction paper, Roll and Read!!!

I truly hope, from the bottom of my coffee cup, that you are able to put these to use in your classroom and that your students excel in mastering their sight words!!!

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