Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Word Ladders Unit 2

Ah, word families... I love 'em! Love teaching them! And it reinforces rhyming words. spelling, read fluency rates, exc.... it's no wonder I love 'em! Well, because of that love, I came to create Word Ladders! They are dictated word families. Here is how they work! Super easy and VERY effective!!

The Word Ladders have been created by me in order to support several skills which include: word families, spelling, writing, reading, phonics and phonemic awareness.

I copy the ladders front to back and distribute on Day 1. As I dictate the words, the students write the word on the next “rung” of the ladder. Once we have completed a ladder, we choral read the ladder from the top to the bottom and again from the bottom to the top. (We make a silly noise going up or down, just to make it even more engaging!) We complete 2 ladders and then my students hold on to them in their folders.

Days 2 and 3, we repeat the process with the next two ladders.
(about 10 minutes)

On Day 4, the students will partner read the ladders on the front. Their partner gets to choose what ladder they have to read and they take turns choosing for their partners and reading to each other. Day 5, the students partner read the back or any ladder from both sides.

These ladders can be very helpful with informal assessing as well. As I pass by a student’s desk, I will ask them to read a ladder to me to see how they are doing with blending and decoding with word families. My students LOVE working with the Word Ladders. It is just another way to get in some extra phonics work while applying it to writing and reading… and I hope you will find your students ENGAGED!!!

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