Sunday, July 10, 2011

Favorite Read Alouds for Fall

I'm jumping into another linky party over at Learning With Mrs. Parker. She is hosting a party where you can share your favorite Read Aloud books for the fall. Scrolling through the lists there were so many of my favorites already linked up, but THIS book is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!
PhotobucketIf you haven't read it before, you MUST get it, especially if you teach 1st grade and phonemic awareness. This book is a fun story about a "Hungry Thing" that has a sign that says "Feed Me". When people ask him what he wants he says things like "shmancakes" and then there is a boy in the story who says, "Shmancakes, sounds like fancakes, sounds like PANCAKES to me!" And the class gets really into the story and they love to yell out the correct food item. I will be adding some activities to go with this book probably next week, but I couldn't resist sharing it now for the linky party. What do you love to read aloud? Join the party and get sharing! I'm always in need of new ideas!!

Now where's my coffee???


  1. Og, my goodness my 4 yr old son would LOVE this book. He's always rhyming. I will have add it to my growing lists of must haves.

  2. I just found your blog and am now a follower!
    P.S. I'm a coffee lover too!

  3. I use this book with my kindergarteners and they LOVE it! After reading it, we make a paper bag hungry thing and they take turns with a partner feeding it the pieces of food they color and cut out! Did you know there is also The Hungry Thing Returns? This time he brings his daughter with him!