Sunday, December 9, 2012

FREE Phonics Find for Treasures U3 W2

Here is a handy worksheet that I hope you find useful! I call it a Phonics Find! It connects with the Treasures Reading Series for Unit 3 Week 2 and the Decodable Reader story Job Time for the Pines. The phonics focus/letter-sound card for the week is the long i sound with the spelling i_e and the 5 picture. This worksheet focuses on the kids finding words from the story that contain that phonics feature (such as: Mike, time, bike, smiles, exc). I also have the student find and locate the High Frequency Words in the story and write the page number. With explicit teaching instruction, we need to help our students understand that these HFW are not just for memorizing in isolation but that it applies to the text. (Seems like Captain Obvious, but not for everyone, right??) As a bonus, I added that the students circle the words that are verbs since that is the Grammar focus for the Unit. Finally, page 2 includes some simple comprehension questions from the story that the students will need to generate and write a response in a complete sentence. Click here to download for FREE!


Just an idea, but you could use this in a reading center. I just put a few Decodable Readers at the center and have the students re-read the story and then complete the Phonics Find worksheet. They could do this independently or with a partner. I hope you find it useful!!
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