Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spelling Homework Packet

Spelling in 1st grade is ACTUALLY valuable... from teaching other grades, I'm not so sure that is so true, but for little firsties, it is!!! They need that opportunity to apply the phonics skills acquired each week to their writing. This year I wanted to simplify the spelling homework process so that my studnts could complete the packet independently and with minimal direction each week. We all know that we are pressed for time. Keeping the homework process consistant has been great!! I have set it up so each day (Monday - Thursday) the kids have something to do with their spelling words.

Monday: See it. Say it. Cover and spell it two times.
Tuesday: Building Blocks of Spelling (using small, tall and fall letter squares)
Wednesday: Rainbow Writing (use 3 different colors to write the word 3x's)
Thursday: Sentence Writing (write 5 sentences using the spelling words)

Check it out!! It might be something useful for BOTH you AND your students! It's great to have the spelling for each week already done so I can run the packets for the entire Unit at a time and be done with that prep for a few weeks! I hope you also find it useful!! Check out the packet in my TpT store!Thanks for visiting!!

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